Are you feeling disconnected from your sense of purpose and the greater world around you? Are you curious about meditation and opening up spiritually?

Dr. Deb can guide you on this journey of spiritual development.  

Spiritual Development Counseling

Spiritual Development Counseling involves interactive discussion about the following ideas: the role spirituality plays in your life, learning to meditate, thoughts on the afterlife, connecting to spirit guides, balancing energy, past life regression hypnosis, learning your soul's purpose and plan for this lifetime, forgiveness, and approaching life challenges from a perspective of gratitude!


Learn about your chakra system and how to open and balance your energy centers.  Reiki will facilitate energetic balance that will manifest in many areas of your life.

Essential Oil Acupoint Therapy

Essential oils are applied to acupuncture points. This treatment provides many of the stimulating and balancing aspects of acupuncture without any needles.

Mindfulness and Breath Work

Providing guided imagery, meditation and slight hypnotic work to allow for relaxation, stress management, and processing at deep levels of your consciousness!