Serving Clients in-person in NYC, Westchester, Fairfield Counties; Video Sessions also available


Are you experiencing a stressful time in your life?...Relationship struggles, panic attacks, worry, trouble meeting your goals, or just feeling blah in life? Suffering is a sign that it is time to heal hurt and pain, and make room for more joy.  

We can totally do I have witnessed it time and time again. I will educate you on how the brain and body work to create our thoughts and emotions.   I will then teach you skills to help change your thought patterns, shift emotions and replace negative self beliefs with much more empowering, self loving beliefs.  

When we learn to embrace our struggles as opportunities for growth and learning, find our voice, and become more self-compassionate, we are on the road to emotional and mental freedom. Remember, the goal is not to be 'perfect'! We are human beings...We are supposed to experience a wide range of emotions, experiences, and opportunities in order to continually learn! 

You are your own expert, so while I will make suggestions, ultimately your evolution plan is a collaborative creation that you will lead.  Until then reminder: YOU ARE NOT BROKEN AND DO NOT NEED FIXING! 


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) 

A trauma technique that fosters understanding of how your past informs your present, releasing old triggers on a nuerobiological level, healing wounds and creating space for kinder self thoughts and less emotional reactivity!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)  

Understanding how your thoughts impact your emotions which shapes behavior, and learning how to have more power over this process to create the behavior and life that you want!

Ego State Techniques such as Internal Family Systems work

Meeting, embracing and nurturing all parts of your self (for example, your young vulnerable part, judgmental part, empowered self, etc), allowing for an integrating, self loving experience!

Mindfulness and Breath Work

Providing guided imagery, meditation and slight hypnotic work to allow for relaxation, stress management, and processing at deep levels of your consciousness!

Spiritual Development Work

Are you feeling disconnected from your sense of purpose and the greater world around you? Are you curious about meditation and opening up spiritually? I can help guide you on this journey of deep connection.  


Spiritual Development Counseling

Spiritual Development Counseling involves interactive discussion about the following ideas: the role spirituality plays in your life, learning to meditate, thoughts on the afterlife, connecting to spirit guides, balancing energy, past life regression hypnosis, learning your soul's purpose and plan for this lifetime, forgiveness, and approaching life challenges from a perspective of gratitude!

Chakra Balancing

Learn about your chakra system and how to open and balance your energy centers.  Education, Meditation and Reiki are techniques I will use to help you find more balance in your energetic body. 

Professional Consultation

Are you a psychotherapist, coach, or working in a helping profession and looking for a mentor to consult with on your journey?  I am here to support, listen, guide, teach, intuit and empower you on your professional path.