Get out there and live your best life!!

Get out there and live your best life!!

Planet Earth is made up of so many beautiful people, animals, cultures and landscapes. A wanderlust at heart, exploring new places and cultures is a passion. It is an important reminder how uniquely similar humans and animals are.  We all are emotional beings that are hurt by abuse or neglect and thrive when provided a safe home full of love and nurturance.

Whenever traveling, learning and self-growth are a big part of the process, typically through workshops, volunteering and reflection. Some of these experiences are below with links to the important missions. I am sharing them here to help inspire you to live your best life and get involved in causes close to your heart! Making ourselves of service to others, provides us with so many opportunities for healing and growth.

The Elephant Sanctuary: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Elephants are amazing beings.  Their stature alone, being the largest land mammal on the planet, suggests that they hold a position to be respected. Their lifespan is typically 70 years old and they have families and emotional connections similar to that of humans. Although once respected, elephants are being mistreated and killed all over the world. They are used for human entertainment, where they are often abused, and frequently hunted for their tusks.  

An inspirational woman named Lek started the Elephant Nature Park in order to provide a safe haven for elephants that had been abused or were sick.  The sanctuary is largely run by volunteers and donations from the public.  It was a gift to be able to learn from their strength and gentleness after experiencing such pain and suffering at the hands of humans that had abused them.  The picture below of the elephant that looks like he is crouching down is an example of the broken hips that many elephants endure at the hands of their abusers.  

So much gratitude for this humbling experience...check out how you can contribute to creating sanctuary for elephants here ....

Mediumship/Meditation Workshop: Edinburgh, Scottland

The greenery of Scotland is an important visual reminder of the importance of connecting with nature, as Mother Nature can feel so grounding and healing.  

Through Tony Stockwell and James Van Praagh's guidance we cleared our chakras, balanced energy fields, grounded, and used meditation to connect to loved ones that have passed on to receive their love and support.  Connecting to our higher selves and the other side can be incredibly healing.  To learn more about their work visit... and